Tbilisi Tour

Tbilisi Tour offers you the following destinations:

Old Tbilisi

Most of the city’s sights are located in Old Tbilisi. This part of the city is known for sulfur baths. In the nearby Shardeni street you will find a lot of popular restaurants, open cafés, nightclubs and galleries.


Narikala Fortress is visible from all parts of Old Tbilisi. The fort was built in the 4th century for defense.

Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square

The Rustaveli Avenue starts from Liberty Square. About 1.5 km avenue is located in the city center, where many governmental, cultural and business buildings are located.


You will have a rooftop route to Tbilisi Funicular, which is one of the best examples of cable rope in the world. You go to Mtatsminda Park, from where you look to all over the city.

“Dry Bridge”

The dry bridge is known for the oldest items in the market, where you can also find antiques and purchase paintings.

Gabriadze Theater

Theater founded in 1981 was the first puppet theatre in Georgia. At the top of the building there is a beautiful clock tower, which once a day at 12 o’clock  offers performance to the passerby.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the highest Orthodox chapel in the world. In the yard of the temple there  are beautiful gardens

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